“It’s time to significantly change the way Entrepreneurs think, act, and achieve, in South Africa and Africa as a whole”

What did SCHOOL Teach you about business?
Yes that's right........NOTHING

Every week from 7pm to 8pm 

BARRY Mitchell  




Learn from One of Africa's TOP Entrepreneurial Trainers every week.....

Explode YOUR INCOME......

Become Your Greatest Strength......

Achieve the Dreams, Goals, & Desires YOU have through YOUR BUSINESS .....
Dear Amazing Entrepreneur,
Did you know that as an Entrepreneur, your business has a 5% chance of Survival? Yes, that's right, a 5% chance of SURVIVAL.
The Primary Reasons....

1. Lack of or Inconsistent Cash Flow.

2. Poor levels of Financial Literacy.

3.  Lack of Effective SALES.

4. Underdeveloped TEAMS.

5. Entrepreneurs were taught to have a JOB and NOT how to RUN a business.

Are you tired of SURVIVAL?
Do you want to BUILD a business that will allow you to THRIVE?
Make a lot MORE MOney
Build a Business that will last.
kick SURVIVAL in the Butt
Use you business to Give you the Lifestyle you really want.
Every week I share from nearly 30 years experience that I have gained from building numerous businesses, working with 1000's of clients around the world, and having spent hundreds of hours learning directly from people like Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, the RICH DAD advisors, and many other highly successful Entrepreneurs.
Learn what school, university, and the Corporate worlds will never teach you about being an Entrepreneur.
Each week I will unpack knowledge from the 6 key areas in Business to equip you to build the Business you want........
Why Do I Do This for Free?
People often ask me why I share such valuable KNOWLEDGE for FREE
Here's why:
I want people to have access to information, knowledge, and experience that I never had when I got started.

I want Entrepreneurs to have access to a learning platform that will allow them to get learning at a very low cost. (it is FREE, you Invest 1 hour of your time each week.)

I want you to experience how we teach, what we teach, and how we can help you in your journey to BUILD an Incredibly successful business.

I want YOU to experience the WORLD of Uncovering Greatness.

Join Me, my Team, and my Experts, every week on Wednesdays at 7pm to 8pm. 

If you Invest your time, I promise to give you huge value, with tools & techniques that you will be able to use immediately to make a difference in your business.

Take a step in the right direction, book your seat, YOU DESERVE IT!

Give Yourself an UNFAIR advantage......
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