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Nicole Mitchell  


Become 100% More Effective in weeks........
Become Present in Any Situation......
YOU Become Your Greatest Strength......
Achieve Your Dreams, Goals, & Desires .....
For over 4 decades my team and I have worked with thousands of clients around the world helping them to HAVE MORE POWER, WEALTH and HAPPINESS with a lot LESS EFFORT
I will guide you to be in the right place at the right time with the right people so that you can DO more, HAVE more and BE more.
Each Week at YOU vs YOU  I reveal the KEY REQUIREMENTS NEEDED to have a lot more wealth and happiness, to improve your success, and have more freedom in life.
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Queen Nkomo - Business Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur.
Suleman Steel - Social Media Guru..
Dear Amazing Human Being,
Did you know that Einstein estimated that we are only using 1% of our potential? What if you could use more than 1% of your potential?
Ryan Holiday the author or Ego is the Enemy said that “whatever you’re doing, your worst enemy already lives inside you: your ego?”

Og Mandino wrote “The mind is it’s own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven.(John Milton)” 

Our mind is the greatest creation on earth and it can generate the most sublime happiness for its owner-or it can destroy him. Yet although we have been given the secret of how to control it, for our happiness and benefit, we will function completely ignorant of it’s potential, like the most stupid of animals.   

How much of your conscious mind are you accessing to create success?
How much of your success is being limited by you and not other people?
You'll get our exact step-by-step blueprint that generated me:
The Ability to REACH & RETRIEVE what I want from Life
Massive Confidence in My own abilities
R1 million business created in a year
 Happier relationships with better communication
Learn how to control your space so that you learn to be in the Right place at the right time creating the BEST results for you and those around you.
Each week I will unpack the 4 key areas bellow to equip you to live the life you want........
Revelation # 1 - Unlock Your TRUE POTENTIAL
Everyone has the ABILITY to do Great things. Most People do NOT have the ENERGY to do Great things. The Energy is Already Inside You - UNLOCK IT!!
Unlocking the Energy Within allows you to Use the Unique talents, Gifts, & Abilities you have been Given to ACHIEVE greater Self Control, Self Worth, & a Higher Level of Self Certainty 
At each YOU vs YOU session I'll reveal tools, techniques, to equip you:
How to Execute at a Higher Level under Pressure
How to increase Your Self Confidence & Conviction to LEAD OTHERS
Revelation # 2 - Everything in My Life is Great & Nothing Holds me Back! - Really?
Experiences Shape Your ACTIONS - Like it or Not - Everyone Has Limiting Beliefs.
Like a Tall Building in the Wind, the Strength of it's foundations that were laid in the past will determine what happens to it in the Present. 
At each YOU vs YOU session I'll reveal tools, techniques, to show you how to:
Reprogram Limiting Past Events
Distinguish what is IMPORTANT vs what is NOT IMPORTANT
Strengthen Past Foundations to withstand more in the Present & Future
Increase Your CAPACITY to DO & HAVE MORE in the Present & the Future
Revelation # 3 - How to Take the RIGHT ACTION at the RIGHT TIME
I know exactly what I need to do & How to do it.......... I just Can't Get it done!!! Have You Been there? Are You there?. 
Have you ever felt STUCK
Moving forward seems so simple but you just can't get yourself to move in the right direction & take the action that You know needs to be taken?
UNSTICK YOURSELF.............. 
Learn How to Consistently Get You out of the way of You!!! 
At each YOU vs YOU session I'll reveal tools, techniques, to show you:
How I moved from Frustrated, Angry, & Depressed to building a 1 Million Rand Business in 12 months by Unsticking Myself - 
How to Overcome Fear & ACT in spite of FEAR
Revelation # 4 - How to Grow Your PRESENCE in the PRESENT
In order to HAVE more & DO more It is essential to Know where You are & who You are. 
Being Present is an EXPERIENCE where You feel BIG & POWERFUL, yet at PEACE with who you are, what You WANT, & HOW YOu can DO IT regardelss of what others are doing or what situation you are facing.
Learn to Perform at Your OPTIMUM & FEEL GREAT while doing it. 
At each YOU vs YOU session I'll reveal tools, techniques, to show you:
How to Have Greater CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, & CONTROL in Yourself
Play at Your OPTIMUM Level More Consistantly
How to BIG & POWERFUL & be at PEACE in that place

Learn to LIVE A GREAT LIFE filled with HEALTH, WEALTH, & HAPPINESS, anyone Can & Everyone Should have it...

Why Do I Do This for Free?
People often ask me why I share such valuable KNOWLEDGE for FREE
Here's why:
I want people to understand how to put themselves in the right place at the right time. The best way to understand how we help you to do that is to experience it.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to shift, change, & grow so a great starting point is for us to equip you with some essential tools to help you move into the right place at the right time.

Weekly on Wednesdays at 3pm to 4pm, I promise to give you huge value, with tools & techniques that you will be able to use immediately to move into the Green Zone. 
The Zone where the right things happen at the right time.

Take a step in the right direction, book your seat, YOU DESERVE IT!

Give Yourself an UNFAIR advantage......
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